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Licensing procedures

  • Support for all the necessary licensing procedures
  • Writing and submission of licensing requests

Study & Design

Our specialized team of engineers and technicians undertakes the study and design of the system according to the requirements and needs of your area, simulating the system with special software in order to achieve:

  • proper function,
  • best performance,
  • project safety.

To calculate the energy output of a PV station, we use data both from specialized databases and our network of meteo stations.

  • Mean monthly temperature
  • Mean monthly wind speed
  • Mean monthly relative humidity
  • Mean horizontal solar radiation

Designing of panels placement requires to take into account the following basic principles:

  • Southern orientation of the panels.
  • Installing the panels that way to form an angle 25-35 degrees with the horizontal plane, depending on the latitude.
  • Avoiding shading among panels.
  • Installing the panels so no object (tree, chimney, hill, roof, etc) casts his shadow over the panels during daytime.

Equipment supply

2EN - in cooperation with world's leading manufacturers of the market - provides you with all kinds of necessary equipment for your project.

  • Panels
  • Inverters
  • Batteries
  • Charge regulators
  • Mounting systems
  • Monitoring systems

Project construction

2EN has experienced technicians and installers for PV power plant contruction and roof installations, as well as for grid connection.
We adhere to strict timelines for the completion of a project and produce technical progress reports during the construction stages.

Project financing

  • Favourable financing schemes
  • Partnerships with many banks

Investment evaluation

  • Energy studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Economical viability evaluation
  • Permit evaluation