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WHY select NPS as a HAWT provider?

Because of two main reasons:

  • Northern Power Systems (TSX: NPS) has been delivering innovative energy solutions in a changing landscape for over 40 years. Around the globe, their installed base of Permanent Magnet Direct Drive “PM/DD” wind turbines and grid-friendly power technology components have logged millions of kilowatt-hours of operation to date, demonstrating their commitment to performance and reliability.
  • In 1999, NPS team began development of a 100 kW wind turbine under a series of cost-share contracts with the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. This turbine was specifically designed to function in the harsh winters of Alaska and was installed in remote villages with unreliable or expensive access to electricity.

Introduction to NPS

Since small wind turbines is a small scale investment, 2en suggests direct drive wind turbines for less maintenance and higher efficiency. The direct drive turbines have no gearbox which is the most demanding part of the turbine in terms of maintenance and faults.

2EN is an authorized partner of Northern Power Systems. NPS products are high very quality and reliability, which is the most important factor for the successful turn back of a small wind turbine investment. Moreover NPS has a large (MW scale) wind turbine in its range that proves the advanced brand technology and reliability.

NPS Technology features Direct drive wind turbine products with permanent magnets and FlexPhase power converter. FlexPhase combines a unique, patent-pending circuit design with a high bandwidth control system to provide unique generator management, power quality, and grid support features. The FlexPhase converter platform offers a modular approach with a very small footprint and 20-year design life.

Permanent Magnet

The proprietary permanent magnet generator is central to the Northern Power’s innovative drivetrain design. Permanent magnet generators offer high efficiency energy conversion, particularly at partial load, and require no separate field excitation system. Northern Power Systems’ permanent magnet generators are lighter, more efficient, and require less assembly labor than competing designs.

The Northern Power Systems’ permanent magnet generator was designed at a systems level in conjunction with NPS power converter to create an optimized solution tailored for high energy capture and low operating costs. The NPS generator is cooled directly by the wind, with no auxiliary fans or air transfer through the generator needed.

Direct Drive

Direct drive gearless technology delivers real energy solutions directly to your distributed, utility, or specific application through our technologically advanced wind turbine. The gearless, direct drive train is at the heart of Northern Power’s leading edge “less is more” wind turbine design focus.

NPS turbine’s generator and rotor are directly coupled and move together at the same speed. By eliminating the gearbox feature, we have simplified the drivetrain design by radically reducing the number of moving parts and wear items. This gearless design advancement creates direct benefits for the final customers in the form of a higher-reliability turbine with lower operating costs.

Main Advantages

  • Simple and precise NPS PMDD technology maximizes energy capture, outperforms conventional gearbox designs, and reduces maintenance costs.
  • Robust built on the time-tested NPS 100 platform that was originally designed for Antarctica, the NPS 60-24 stands up to the strong winds of Scotland (the windiest country in Europe) and regularly faces tropical cyclone force winds in Alaska and the Caribbean.
  • Plug and play NPS state-of-the-art full power converter design provides smooth, clean power to local grids, simplifying grid interconnect and adding to grid stability, making the NPS 60-24 the best choice for a variety of applications.
  • Quiet NPS gearless design, advanced blades, and lower rpm and tip speed, all contribute to lower noise levels and allow for a longer set back distance.
  • Easier permitting with low height profile, tower options. The elegantly designed NPS 60-24 comes with a variety of optional tubular steel tower heights that helps you balance annual energy production (AEP) and planning requirements.
  • Reliable reinforced blades, gearless design and a track record of zero incidents across its entire fleet.


For more information, please visit the official website.

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