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Vertical Axis Small Wind Turbines (VAWT) - Urban Green Energy

WHY select UGE as a VAWT provider?

Because of two main reasons:

  • UGE has designed and created the most durable and versatile wind turbine, and are leading the industry in remote monitoring and control and power electronics. In addition, UGE has developed its proprietary site assessment and planning platform, which has allowed it to deploy solutions in over 80 countries around the world from its headquarters in New York.
  • UGE envisions a world where renewable energy is part of our daily lives. From the retired couple living in a secluded area off the grid to the campus of a Fortune 500 company seeking to offset its energy consumption, UGE offers the most versatile, innovative and reliable solutions to fit your needs.

Introduction to UGE

For residential application or applications in urban terrain 2EN suggests the use of vertical axis wind turbines. This king of small wind turbines are silent with fewer vibrations and do not have the need to yaw. These characteristics fit perfectly to the turbulent wind of urban terrain and can also conform to noise restrictions that apply.

2EN is an authorized partner of Urban Green Energy known as UGE. UGE is a vertical axis small wind turbine manufacturer with premium quality and reliability products. UGE wind turbines are certified for European Conformity (CE), and UL 1004/CSA C22.2 for generator electrical safety and the manufacturing quality is according to ISO 9001.

UGE wind turbines are produced in 3KW and 5KW for Visionair series and are followed by HOYI, a 200W small model for special applications.

Main Advantages

  • Silent It's quieter than a human whisper. VisionAIR3 is the quietest certified turbine in the world and Visionair 5 features reduced noise due to lower blade tip speed and low RPM.
  • DurableTested at UGE's proprietary lab and designed to last 20 years long. This turbine makes solar look less bright.
  • Sleek Design Show customers your commitment to renewable energy. You no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics to go green.
  • UGE SEAMLESSGRID power converters can be used at OFF-GRID OR GRID-TIE applications in order to feed power into the grid or charge a battery bank as energy storage.
  • Low cost, high efficiency Efficiency of 97% with excellent price-performance ratio.


For more information, please visit the official website.

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